Benjamin Hartwell: Evening Stroll

The following is a review I did of Benjamin Hartwell's Evening Stroll on 02/21/2006.

Brand:Benjamin Hartwell
Blender:Benjamin Hartwell
Tin Description:Mild and Flavorful - Benjamin Hartwell's friend, Jim Murdoch, was a real dandy, always dressed in the most fashionable styles of his day. He preferred his pipe tobaccos mild and with a hint of sweetness to please the women as he walked by. Ben made his blend for Jim and called it Evening Stroll.
Country of Origin:US
Curing Group:Air Cured
Packaging:50g Tin

Evening Stroll or better yet Evening Desert. This is a fruity vanilla aromatic blend...perhaps a hint of maple mid-bowl. The tin aroma is a little strong in the vanilla and burns much the same but leaves a pleasant room note for my wife...but I don't smoke for my wife's benefit =).

I don't know what I think of this weed. Its hard reviewing sometimes because all the tobacco I have are all quality smokes, including this can. Without any comparisons to what I enjoy smoking and on its own merits for what it is...its good but I think the flavoring is a little too high for me to have it around, even as a goto candy treat. I will polish this can off and leave it at that.


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