Dunhill: Nightcap

The following is a review of Dunhill's Nightcap I did on 2/21/2006. My very first encounter with Nightcap was in 1999 while living in Slovakia...back then it used to make me sick from the nicotine kick. Those were the days.

Tin Description:A rich blend for late in the day. It is a slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance to bouquet.
Country of Origin:UK
Curing Group:Air Cured
Packaging:50g. Tin

Nightcap - indeed my favorite and the most creamiest nicotine rendezvous I have had. Each puff reveals a perfect mix of the various weeds that go into this rich blend, you can taste all three each puff very nicely and evenly. Eventually, the creamy billows of nicotine cast a droopy gaze upon my face which whispers that I arrived at the threshold of relaxation...my goodness this is good stuff! Don't be put off by the reputation of Nightcap, this is one of the first pipe tobakys I ever tried...respect it for what it is and the Cap will shower its treasures upon you...one of the best cans one could open. Nightcap will always be in my daily fill.

Nightcap is also good to blend with other milder favorites of yours if they are just missing a little punch. I find some of the Frogs could use a little kick and Nightcap blends with them well and stays in the background but supplies the extra punch I look for, if blended carefully.

P.S. The variance of the nice nicotine punch will vary from smoker to smoker and eventually become near non-existant eventually. I'm thinking you can liven this up again with Samuel Gawith's Black Rope XX =)

An additional review: What an interesting experience. I picked up 2 oz out of the bulk jar at the local independent proprieter. I sat out on the deck and the bastard sucker punched me. Talk about being blindsided by the nicotine.

After getting over the initial power, subsequent experiences have been wonderful. This blend is rich indeed. I enjoy the full flavor and have learned to turn to this blend only on occasions where I want to really settle in for the next few hours or so. An apt name.

I picked up 2 tins and found that the flavor out of the can was bit more developed - more rounded and not so harsh - than in bulk. I have one tin aging and another open for occasional use. We'll see about the aged stuff, as this one only comes out to play if me and the boys are making a night of smoking.

If you're going to smoke more than one bowl a day, save this for last as it tends to overpower anything else.


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