Rattray: Terry Red

The following is a review of Rattray's Terry Red I did on 2/21/2006

Blender:Kohlhase, Kopp und Co. KG
Tin Description:A pleasant blend of light Carolina, Virginia and Black Cavendish. Rum, Ginger and Cherry gives a mild flavor for everyone will enjoy. This mixture burns very well and dry in the pipe.
Country of Origin:DE
Curing Group:Air Cured
Black Cavendish
Cut:Broken Flake

Terry Red - The can I cracked I think was dried out a bit...which catered to a little different smoking experience with this one that perhaps some of the others. I found that the Rum, Ginger and Cherry flavors were only found in the tin aroma but hardly detected by me in the smoke. It packs and smokes very well but is bland to me. A bowl of Terry Red is just a so so smoke from my sampling. First of the Rattray's to try, for me, I will continue to find something better in this family of tobacco...eventually...for now I have Terry Red and Charles Mixture here to sample...looking forward to Old Growrie and some others.


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