McClelland: 25th Anniversary Blend

I finally popped a can of this stuff and glad I did...yum yum. I have a bias going into any McClelland blend and that is I expect a lot which given that I am not neutral can hurt the review or help it. Because I have high expectations when trying a new blend by them I suppose I can be let down easily but not with the case of Anniversary...its pretty darn delightful!

I am a sucker for marketing so the packaging is top notch here, wax seal...common got to love it. Tin smell is a tangy mild ketchup not quite as ketchuppy as the Frog but noticeable. This is a well behaved smoke, packs well and burns consistently after initial scaring. On intake you get the mouth watering tangy Virginia and exhale the cool-smoking Cyprian Latakia which tames the Virginia quite nicely without destroying it. This is a one-two punch smoke and could be an all dayer no problem.

Tin Description:A Virginia Mixture Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Tobacco Manufacturing 1977-2002
Country of Origin:US
Curing Group:Fire Cured
Cut:Ready Rubbed
Packaging:100g Tin
Blend Notes:3000 are packaged in commemorative paper wrapped tin sealed with wax. there may be anadditional run of 3000 tins without the paper and wax.


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