Samuel Gawith: Commonwealth Mixture

The following is a review of Samuel Gawith's Commonwealth Mixture I did on 03/07/2006.

Brand:Samuel Gawith
Tin Description:50% heavily steamed Virginia & 50% Cyprus Latakia, gives honor to the Tobacco Lords of Glasgow & the Commonwealth of Virginia. Made in England.
Country of Origin:UK
Curing Group:Air Cured
Cut:Broken Flake
Packaging:50g Tin

Commonwealth - 50% heavily steamed Virginia & 50% Cyprus Latakia is an interesting blend and these blenders pulled this off well...darn well! I love this stuff. If your a Latakia lover you must fill a pipe full of this. Commonwealth and Squadron Leader are in constant battle for my pallet for first place...I give the slight nudge to Commonwealth...um um I love this sticky weed. Very delcious to the last drop!


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