Samuel Gawith: Black XX

The following review I did on 3/6/2006 of Samuel Gawith's Black XX. I have a feeling that if I were to re-review this I would like it more and have a decent review. Look for an update on this one.

Black XX Rope - I really wanted to like this, I even had it shipped to me 2 day express. My first impressions of this was, "Wow. Look at the blackend dog crap, coiled up in the can. Despite that first impression it did look yummy to me.

I like nightcap and was looking for that big nicotine punch but it never came. I got more of a punch off of Penzance than this for some reason. Maybe I got a bunk can? Maybe I rubbed it out too much? I'm a little confused after reading the reviews. I don't care much for the taste of this stuff though its not aweful, but not an everyday smoke for me. If I could somehow get that nicotine kick that this stuff has I would really like this as my Nico-Fix go to tobacco. Somewhat dissapointed because I bought this just for that.

That aside, this weed is great if you like getting in there and touching and playing with your smoke. I cut mine, with a steak knife, into little disks and then rubbed them out. This is very enjoyable if thats your sort of thing. I loved it!

I will try again and hopefully be able to raise the review.

UPDATE 4/5/06 Well I've tried this dog doo doo in a tin a number of times now. I even have blended it with a little Nightcap, Frog Morton, and Durbar...no luck...this stuff is aweful and doesn't do the job with the nicotine like I have hoping for...although its worth 6bucks just to look at this stuff!

Brand:Samuel Gawith
Tin Description:Same twisted shapes but MUCH Darker tobaccos than the Brown No.4.
Country of Origin:UNKNOWN


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