Mac Baren: Virginia Flake

The following is a review I did of Mac Baren's Virginia Flake on 2/18/06

Brand:Mac Baren
Tin Description:Manufactured from choice, fully ripe and matured Virginia tobaccos - mainly American. An elegant flavour with a full and pleasant mild taste has been added.
Country of Origin:DK
Curing Group:Air Cured
Packaging:50g Tin
Blend Notes:Introduced in 1979

Mac Baren's Virginia Flake brought back times studying in my office in Slovakia. But that was then and this is now...

Start: Opening the tin reveals a nicely stack of sheet cakes of Virginia flake cut hidden under a golden wrapper. Smells as it should...Virginia-y...provokes a mouth watery sensation...not sure because it smells good or you can smell insta-bite.

The joy in this type of cut is rubbing. Who doesn't like to touch their smoke a little bit? I love getting in there and sifting and rubbing. Good times.

Now light it up but be gentle. No huffing here.

Mid-Bowl: If smoked carefully the Virginia's come out nicely. A lemon, tart, honey splashes the pallet. This can go bad though if you puff harder to derive more of that goodness.

Finish: Decent smoke but a lot of care, at first, can take away from this blend. Finishes nicely.

Not bad but I will continue to my search for something more in VA.


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