Hearth & Home: Distinguished Penguin

This is Distinguished Penguin available from pipesandcigars.com part of their Hearth & Home Blends. The following is a review I did of this blend 2/28/06

Update: I am uping this to a four star...I have placed two orders of this stuff since the review...I love it!

Ah the Distinguished Penguin and distinguished it is! Upon opening my baggy full of this stuff I noticed it bore a slight resemblance to the tiny wood chip bedding you might use for a pet hamster and upon sifting it I also found it to be a lot like fish flake food. Very interesting first impression, very distinguished.

The penguin, fortunately, bears none of the above qualities while smoking. The bird has a slightly complex smoking pleasure to it and gets better as the bowl burns on. Depending on how you puff this weed the VA and Lat can come out nicely and the Cavy takes the back seat for a background note...like a gentleman.

Combined with the look, feel, and smoke I rather enjoyed a bowl or two of this. I just might keep some of this around...hum.

Blender:Russ Oulette
Tin Description:his is a light/dark mixture (technically, it’s considered a Scottish blend) of Carolina and Virginia flake-cut, with Stoved Virginia, a light amount of Latakia, and a bit of unflavored toasted Black Cavendish. A mild and slightly sweet smoke with character
Country of Origin:USA
Curing Group:Air Cured
Black Cavendish
Cut:Coarse Cut
Blend Notes:The name existed before the blend. One of our employees suggested that we make a tobacco called “Distinguished Penguin”, so we took the challenge.


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