Just For Him: Longbottom Leaf

The following is a review of the Middle Earth Pipeweed Series. This review is of the blend Longbottom Leaf produced by justforhim.com. I reviewed this weed on 2/18/06 and must say my tastes have changed as of 1/2/09. The casing on this blend is a little too much for my pallet these days but if you like aromatics and are scared to try English this is a decent start.

Brand:Just For Him
Blender:Bob Schafer
Tin Description:This is the first in the Middle Earth Pipeweed Series! Fragrant Virginias are blended with a hint of vanilla to produce the finest leaf the Shire has to offer!
Country of Origin:US
Curing Group:Air Cured

Long-Bottom Leaf is a special blend from Just For Him. They classify it as aromatic English.

Start: Light and tiny whiffs of vanilla trickle out. Not overdone just notable.

Mid-Bowl: A consistent smoke here and a pleasant change if your looking for something with a little added flavor to mix things up. Hints of cinnamon oatmeal here too.

Finish: Finishes as started...good and tasty. Non-smokers will enjoy the room note...not over-powerful just pleasant.

Light on the artificial flavoring this blend is enjoyable. Nice to try but won't keep it on hand. The best I have had, in this genre of smoke, is Just For Him blend available from justforhim.com. It starts off creamy and rounds off into a delicious nutty euphoria.


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