Rattray: Charles Mixture

The following is a review of Rattray's Charels Mixture I did on 02/21/2006.

Charles Mixture - I think I will just let Charles keep this mixture. Quality tobacco gone bad with flavoring. This weed looks lovely in the tin but smokes like pancakes with maple syrup. I was wondering why I got such a good deal on this tin and a can of Terry Red. I am moving on...

Blender:Kohlhase, Kopp und Co. KG
Tin Description:The perfect smoke. This light tasting, full aromatic tobacco is a special recipe of Cavendish & Va. tobaccos mixed with broadleaf Carolina. It has a pleasing aroma and is blended mildly for the palate and the tonque.
Country of Origin:DE
Curing Group:Air Cured
Cut:Broken Flake


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